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Complete solutions for all your condominium management needs

Management experts

IMHOTEP Property Management is a professional team at your service, offering you peace of mind. As our management services are designed specifically to meet the needs and expectations of Condominium Corporations, you will be able to peacefully take advantage of life’s pleasures, while enjoying a range of benefits.

Our management expertise and excellence in our service, allow you to truly enjoy the benefits of ownership, without having to manage daily administrative and operational tasks.

  • Financial management which is rigorous, transparent and accessible
  • Customized management of current operations to suit your needs
  • Preservation of the integrity and security of your building
  • Regular communications accessible to all co-owners
  • Maintaining a lifestyle that meets your expectations
  • Optimizing the additional value to your units
  • For more information visit “Our Services” section and please contact us for any questions you may have.

    Condominium management is our specialty.